Atavus Search Engine

Search Hints
This search engine is for genealogical information only.
The information is arranged in categories to make restricted searches easier.
The default category is information supplied by the Fermanagh-GOLD forum members 
and is specified as +cat:"fermanagh gold" on the search form.
You can remove the category restriction and search all information by clearing the field on the search form.
Or you can select other categories to restrict searches by, for example +cat:bawnboy for Bawnboy searches.
Simple searches can be entered such as john johnston to find records with john or johnston.
To find records that contain john and johnston enter the search as +john +johnston.
To find records with the word fermanagh in the title enter +title:fermanagh. 
To find records that contain johnston but not where the title contains mustor you enter +johnston -title:mustor.
To find records that contain johnston that are categorised as cemetery records enter +johnston +cat:cemetery.
To find records that contain a surname like johnston then the search as johnston~0.80.
You can find out more about all search possibilities on the Apache Lucene website site here.